Mar 01 2019


Juno is 3 years old and a chaser of shadows, lights and reflections. Disco lights are his favourite. He’s also been known to chase squirrels and ‘ spring’ in the air like a deer after leaves blowing across the park. He’s a sensitive fellow and sits in this green chair when he’s feeling afraid— you know, scary things like when the vacuum cleaner comes out. He likes it best when his whole family/pack is with him and doesn’t love being home alone. He also doesn’t love visiting the vet and will stop at Windermere knowing it’s approaching! Juno is a handsome springer spaniel and gets lots of compliments from strangers on the street. He is a comedian and will a sing when someone is playing the piano. It’s very impressive. Juno has lots of friends at the park but loves black labs and other spaniels. Juno is super shy and doesn’t love people patting his head. If you are one of his favourite people you’ll get a small tail wag and he’ll lie at your feet to let you know you’re loved. He always loves curling up next to his favourite little people at night. He rarely barks and comes across as a softie, but don’t mess with him! He once chased away a bear from the cottage and has been known to growl when something ‘doesn’t feel right’. Juno is a keen swimmer, and can often be seen caring his stuffed seal around the house. If you come over, he’ll be sure to show it to you. We lucked out with Juno. He’s the best dog. Thank you for your care at Bloor Animal Hospital

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