May 01 2019

Repeat and Gravity

Repeat and Gravity, also know as “The Boys” are two much loved and spoiled kitties! They are always in one another’s company and, are like little breathing bits of Velcro with respect to their humans as well. Personal space? What’s that?

Gravity is a pro at playing fetch with pretty much anything he can carry – toys, something “fun” he’s found in the recycling bin, you name it. And, he’s not shy about interrupting your night’s sleep to get a game started! Repeat is stealth at making off with his humans’ food and, has to be watched very closely or he’ll be found on the counter, table, kitchen island, scoping out something yummy. He knows Human Food is off limits and will run like lightening with something in his mouth, taking refuge under the ball and claw tub to savour his “catch”!

These two are not only bed hogs, preferring to be snuggled right up against a human under the covers but also, are very sure to make sure their Mommy doesn’t oversleep. Each morning starts with prodding her with both paws and pitiful meows to start the day. Theses efforts are not easily ignored and, they will simply up their game until a sleepy Mommy works her magic with her opposable thumbs to open the wet food!

These two kitties are amazing members of our family who couldn’t be loved more.

LifeLearn Admin |