Much like your own annual check-up, examinations consist of a thorough physical (“nose to tail”) inspection of your pet, and a gathering of medical and other relevant history. A wellness blood test gives us a baseline blood profile, is performed to provide us with objective information about the physical status of your pet, which may not be evident upon physical examination. It can be helpful in detecting early signs of disease, giving us the opportunity to help treat and reverse signs and symptoms, providing your pet with a longer and healthier life! For pets 7 years and over, these should be done at least once a year.

We also understand how difficult and stressful taking your feline friends to the veterinarian can be. We have many tips to make their journey as comfortable as possible. Check out our video on cat carriers or call us today and speak with one of our team members for some tips. Annual examinations for your cat are extremely important, as cats are great at hiding symptoms. Preventive veterinary care is always best.

We know our client’s lead active, busy lives so we open early and offer extended weekday hours to help serve you better.