Nutrition Services

Proper nutrition is very important in ensuring your pet lives a long healthy life. There are many foods available and finding the right one for your pet can be a complicated task. Our veterinary team is highly educated in pet nutrition and we can help you find the best food for your pet. Finding the right food isn’t as easy as looking at the bag, there are minimal rules as to what a pet food manufacture can advertise. That’s why we recommend feeding a veterinary exclusive food. We know that the formulas that we recommend are made with quality ingredients that have had extensive research by veterinary nutritionists. We also know that brands we recommend have the highest standard in quality control. Our veterinary team has visited the Royal Canin manufacturing plant in Guelph as well as the Hills plant in Kansas and the Purina plant in St.Louis and we seen first hand the high standards these companies adhere to.

If feeding a veterinary exclusive diet is not for you, that’s ok too. We can discuss with you other options and help you choose a good formula for your pet. Nutrition plays a tremendous role in disease prevention and contributes to a longer and better life for your pet. If you have questions, we are always available to recommend the optimum life stage diet for your pet, or simply provide you with further information about the benefits of good nutrition.

Annual Diagnostics

Annual diagnostic testing allows your veterinarian to identify potential problems in time to prevent them from becoming major illnesses. Often treatment can begin before a crisis arises. As your pet grows older more comprehensive testing is necessary to determine its complete health status. We offer the following profiles for the various stages of your pet’s life:

  • Wellness Profile: For pets up to 6 years old. Annual testing includes a baseline whole blood and blood chemistry profile, which encompasses red and white cell, and kidney, liver and blood sugar status.
  • Life Enhancement Profile: For pets between 6 and 10 years of age. A more comprehensive annual whole blood and blood chemistry profile. Also includes thyroid function testing and a urinalysis.
  • Mature Pet Profile: For pets greater than 10 years of age. Annual testing includes a comprehensive whole blood and blood chemistry profile; thyroid function testing; urinalysis.
  • Annual Fecal Analysis: A yearly stool check for internal parasites.
  • Pre-anaesthetic Testing: Pre-anaesthetic blood testing is required, as we need to know your pet’s physical status prior to the administration of a general anaesthetic. This greatly increases patient safety, reduces your anxiety level, and may disclose unknown medical conditions, which could indicate that the procedure should be postponed. The level of Pre-anaesthetic testing is dependent upon your pet’s age and current physical status.