Apr 01 2019

Lady Grey and Lu

I’m Miss Lulu, a 6 1/2 year old mini-dachshund [although Dr Ted says I should be mini-er!] Last winter me and momma and poppa went to visit my grownup hooman brother and his wife in California. They don’t have puppits; they have cats. Can you imagine a house without puppits? Well, I rescued my paw-rents from that so there’s just us at home and I mostly ignore other animals – as long as they don’t get too close to my momma! But Lady Grey was just a 8 month old baby kitty back then and I think she LOVED me. Maybe she thought I was her momma? She was always trying to smooch me, and groom me. It was nice for a bit, but got annoying too. But momma said I was super good and never even swatted her away! Lady Grey is a rescue too, so we know that rescues are the best! Have you been rescued by a puppit or kitty?

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