• Oct 01 2019


    Bubba is an 8 year old full of energy and spunk! She loves to go on long walks, dress up as much as she can, sneak treats from her mom when she’s not looking and loves to give as much kisses out to…

  • Oct 01 2019

  • Sep 01 2019


    Nika is a 5 year old rescue dog from Serbia. She was found as a puppy on the street, and was raised in a pound until she came to Canada to be adopted. She was very shy when she first arrived, but she…

  • Sep 01 2019

  • Aug 01 2019


    My name is Toby and I am 8 years old. My favourite vet at Bloor Animal Hospital is Dr. Downer, even though I am a bit shy when I see her. My favourite pastimes are cuddling with my mom and dad and…

  • Jul 01 2019


    Bailey is a 13 year old playful, loyal, adventurous standard poodle. …

  • Jun 01 2019


    Samwise was born Feb 28/18 and is the great nephew of our previous lab Frodo. He loves to eat everything and to snuggle on our laps. Mortie is growing to like Sam we think.