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Parasite Control

External and internal parasites are a common finding in dogs and cats. With all the wonderful dog parks in High Park and Swansea Village, parasites are commonly passed from the environment to your pet and from pet to pet. We feel prevention is key to prevent harm to your pet and to you too!

Our team provides the diagnostics and medicines necessary for the detection and treatment of internal and external parasites. We start testing for internal parasites at a very young age, as certain “worms” can be passed from the mother’s womb to your new puppy or kitten. It is also important to detect and treat these parasites, as some can pass from animals to humans.

Kittens and puppies should have at least 2 stool checks prior to spaying or neutering. Adult cats and dogs require a stool check once a year. We test annually for canine heartworm disease and provide you with preventive medicine, which treats and protects your dog against internal parasites and fleas. Don’t forget about Mr. Whiskers too! We also offer parasite control for your kittens and cats.