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Are your pets stressed over the holidays?

By December 17, 2019 Our Blog

Holiday stress effects all of us, even our pets. Guests coming and going, loud noises, decorations and changes in routine can make all of us feel overwhelmed.  Luckily there are products available over the counter that can help, at least your pet, through these stressful times. The trick is starting them early, before the holidays.

Feliway and Adaptil:

These are appeasing pheromones that help to make your pet feel safe and comforted. They come in several forms:

Collars (for dogs only) These are great if you dog is travelling with you. The pheromone is in the collar and will go with your pet on all your holiday excursions.

Spray: 8 sprays in the back seat of the car or in the cat carrier, 20 min before you leave can help make car rides less stressful.  The spray is also great to use on a bandana (for dogs), 8 sprays will last up to 5 hours on fabric so it can be a good alternative to the collar.

Diffuser: This is my personal favorite to use at home. It is a plug in that diffuses the pheromone throughout the room. Great to place in the area where your pet hangs out the most, or if you have an issue with inappropriate elimination in a particular area.


This is a hydrolyzed milk protein supplement that has calming properties.  This is a very safe supplement, for both dogs and cats. It comes in chews as well as sprinkle capsules that you can add to their food.


For the pets that are extremely stressed during these times, there are prescription medications that you can give to your pets. For this, you will need to speak to your veterinarian about what options are best for your pet.

These products on their own can be very helpful, you can also pair them together for extra support. The key is to start these products well before the stressful situations have occurred. They need time to be in their system to have the full effects.  Starting them a couple weeks in advance and continuing them for a few days after the holidays is ideal.

No product will be 100% effective, but they can certainly help, and in most cases, they can really improve the holiday experience for everyone. 

Regardless of what product you try with your pet, always ensure that they have a quiet place to go, away from the party and limit treats…no need to add stomach upset to your festivities.

We hope these tips help to make your pet’s holidays just a little more bright.

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